Personal 1-1 Training with Brad

Perfect for Beginners or Intermediates Who Want to Get a Personalized Plan to Achieve Their Fitness Goals

Here’s how it works:


  • You sign up for a plan that fits your needs.


  • We start with an initial consultation to learn more about your goals, injury records and current shape.


  • I develop a personalized program based on your answers.


  • You start training and following the program.


  • I check in regularly with you to see how you’re performing and offer you support.


  • You finish your workout plan reaching your goals.


  • You continue training because you have already built the habit.

Here’s what the people who have worked with Bradley 1-1 have to say:

“Working with Brad Lloyd as my TRX fitness instructor has been a wonderful experience and has helped me tremendously. Brad is a smart trainer; highly responsive to your individual abilities and considerate of your limitations. He is also dedicated, highly motivating, and has a great personality…I would recommend Brad Lloyd to anyone interested in a healthier and fit lifestyle from the beginner to the advanced.”

Linda G,  Durham, NC

“I was already a pretty disciplined exerciser. But, I’’d also gotten older ( I’m 71) and was slowing down quite a bit. Moreover, I’ve been struggling with joint issues resulting from having Sjogrens Syndrome for a number of years. Enter Brad Lloyd. Brad very skillfully assessed my current level of fitness, introduced me to exercises that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own and helped me recover from an injury sustained while doing volunteer work during the last presidential election. He pushed me, always very respectfully, to do just a little more than I thought I could. Most of us older fitness buffs have a hard time accepting the gradual loss of strength that comes with aging. A really good trainer can help us retain much of our vigor. Brad is that kind of trainer. Oh, and he’s also a real gentleman.”

Yvonne H, Brooklyn, NY

“…he {Brad} immediately made me feel welcome with a friendly smile and a “You can do this” attitude…He would always walk around to each person in the group to make sure they were performing the moves the correct way while giving encouragement.” 

Tiffany H, Kindergarten Special Education Teacher , – Chapel Hill, NC

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