Focused. Intense. Training.

Designed to give you an effective high-intensity group workout.

F.I.T. is a program created for your results!


Applying movements that focus on your fitness level with the idea in mind of why you’re exercising and what you want to achieve!


Intensity doesn’t always have to mean overload. We initiate this program with a slow progression, not to overdue it in the beginning. Adding a variety movements to keep the body guessing at all times.


Functional Strength Training with non traditional equipment and even your body weight is a great way to improve all your major muscle groups and will make you a more versatile, all round athlete.

f.i.t. IS right for you, if you…


Are a beginner to exercise.


Feel enthusiastic about fitness.


Struggle with busy work/life balance.


Travel often for business.


Are a former athlete who wants to get strong again.


Live with old injuries.

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