About Me

“One of my greatest joys is seeing people get healthier, helping them exceed their expectations and actualizing their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun.”

Hi, I’m Brad.

Over 10 years ago, I started on the journey to create Bradley’s Performance + Wellness. An active kid and a college athlete, I liked the way my body moved and felt when I was performing physically. In my Senior year in College, I made the difficult choice to hang up the cleats. I felt called in another direction. There was a voice; I wasn’t sure where it was coming from but this voice was telling me to lead, motivate, and teach. That is when I decided to redirect my energy to helping people, praying the way to do this would be revealed.

I coached high school football for one season at my alma mater with a few of the same coaches who once coached me. I loved motivating and teaching the students how to perform better. Coaching was enjoyable but it wasn’t quite “it” for me.

Not having the same workout schedule as a college athlete, I was beginning to notice life catching up to me physically. Coaching football and playing football were 2 very different activity levels. I was teaching young adults how to drive and motivate themselves, the real test would be could I work in my own Performance + Wellness?

I created a program of cleaner eating and working out. I wanted my performance back! My family members noticed not only my dedication but the difference my program was making for me. They asked if I had considered becoming a fitness coach or a trainer. Often I would get the “have you thought about training people?” question. In the beginning, it would go in one ear and out the other. One of my lovely aunts asked if she could pay me to come to her home and work with her to build up her core strength. We worked together for a few weeks, she got the results she was looking for! I considered it a HUGE success! AND I was hooked! Doing what I loved and getting people to where they want to be? That’s what I want to create! That is when I started to think of this as a business. I researched certifications and checked out the gym in my area and that’s when…

I knew that THIS was my calling.

In 2007 I became certified in AFAA (Aerobic, Fitness, Association of America) and began as a personal trainer at a health club Durham, NC. 2 months later I was promoted to assistant manager and began to train the staff on sales, service and client support.

Today, I work with clients of all ages, gender, and body types. My primary focus is to identify deficient patterns of movement and work with the client to correct those creating a strong foundation for the body. When the body performs well, it is effectively and efficiently able to create sustainable changes. Making it easier for clients to achieve their fitness goals. When you move better you feel better.

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“Working with Brad Lloyd as my TRX fitness instructor has been a wonderful experience and has helped me tremendously. Brad is a smart trainer; highly responsive to your individual abilities and considerate of your limitations. He is also dedicated, highly motivating, and has a great personality…I would recommend Brad Lloyd to anyone interested in a healthier and fit lifestyle from the beginner to the advanced.”

Linda G.

- Durham, NC

“I was already a pretty disciplined exerciser. But, I’’d also gotten older ( I’m 71) and was slowing down quite a bit. Moreover, I’ve been struggling with joint issues resulting from having Sjogrens Syndrome for a number of years. Enter Brad Lloyd. Brad very skillfully assessed my current level of fitness, introduced me to exercises that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own and helped me recover from an injury sustained while doing volunteer work during the last presidential election. He pushed me, always very respectfully, to do just a little more than I thought I could. Most of us older fitness buffs have a hard time accepting the gradual loss of strength that comes with aging. A really good trainer can help us retain much of our vigor. Brad is that kind of trainer. Oh, and he’s also a real gentleman.”

Yvonne H.

- Brooklyn, NY

“I took TRX training classes with Brad Lloyd and loved them! Brad was a great instructor who helped keep the exercise both challenging and fun. He always made sure that we varied the exercises from week to week, and worked different parts of our bodies to get the full benefit from the workouts. The pacing of his classes were also great – he knew when to get up ramped up and when we needed a bit of a break. Also, when I started taking his classes, I was in terrible shape, but now I feel really fit and can keep up with most of the exercises. Brad was able to point out ways to modify the moves for different fitness levels, and make sure to keep all of us doing the exercises at the right level for ourselves. With the help of the TRX class taught by Brad, I was able to lose 50 lbs in 7 months!”

Vivian L.

- Durham, NC