Mindset. Movement. Change.™

Looking for sustainable changes in your fitness and strength?





The #1 goal for Bradley’s Performance and Wellness
is to help each individual reach a higher sense of self
by integrating physical fitness with their current lifestyles.

Personal Training

Ready to create your best self? A Private Training Session will set a strong foundation to get you to your goal.

F.I.T. Group Workouts

These Focused Intense Training Sessions in a group will focus on performance, technique and intensity – to get you Fit Fast!

Online training Workouts

Virtually delivered, at-home personalized workout plan you can follow and do on your own time, where ever you may be.

“…he {Brad} immediately made me feel welcome with a friendly smile and a “You can do this” attitude…He would always walk around to each person in the group to make sure they were performing the moves the correct way while giving encouragement.”

Tiffany H.

- Kindergarten Special Education Teacher , - Chapel Hill, NC

“I can not recommend enough the personal fitness and training services of Brad Lloyd. He has played an integral role in my weekly routine for two years. He has fiercely pushed me to maintain my focus in training, but has balanced this intensity with humor and friendship. He and I together have built a strong spirit of camaraderie during our sessions. He values me not as his client, but as his partner in health.”
Evan H.

- EVP Marketing and Communications, - Eatontown, NJ

“Gymspirational! Brad is a huge gyminspiration, combining incredible workouts with gentle firmness, Southern charm, and a true athlete’s attention to detail.”
Mavis M.

- Registered Nurse, - Brooklyn, NY

“So, I re-hired trainer Brad Lloyd as my personal chef.

When we started I was 222lbs 4 weeks later I’m 207lbs.

Watch out one-der land I’m knocking on your door and you will answer this time!”

Dagna Natoli

- Brooklyn, NY