Bradley’s Performance and Wellness

You want to:
Improve workout capacity without training for hours on end.
✓ Become stronger without getting injured.
Improve athleticism by following a scientific approach to training.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re over your 30s, and you want to stay in shape.

  • You have past injuries that limit your training abilities, but you still want to work out.

  • You want to train, but you need that extra push to become serious and disciplined about your training.

Don’t worry about it. I can help you

Hi, I’m Brad.

A fitness coach obsessed with helping people reach their fitness goals while maintaining their lifestyle.

I help people become stronger by integrating particular movements that work in tune with their body.

“Bradley, how can you help me?”

Personal Training

You’ll develop a strong foundation that will help you reach your fitness goals the right way.

Group Training

Become part of a community that supports and pushes each other to become better while you improve your strength, conditioning and mobility.

Remote Personal Training

You’ll get customized workout plans that will guide your fitness journey regardless of your location.

Hear straight from my clients:

“I can not recommend enough the personal fitness and training services of Brad Lloyd. He has played an integral role in my weekly routine for two years. He has fiercely pushed me to maintain my focus in training, but has balanced this intensity with humor and friendship. He and I together have built a strong spirit of camaraderie during our sessions. He values me not as his client, but as his partner in health.”
Evan H.

- EVP Marketing and Communications, - Eatontown, NJ

“Gymspirational! Brad is a huge gyminspiration, combining incredible workouts with gentle firmness, Southern charm, and a true athlete’s attention to detail.”
Mavis M.

- Registered Nurse, - Brooklyn, NY

“Watch out one-der land I’m knocking on your door and you will answer this time!”

Dagna Natoli, Brooklyn, NY

I’m here to help you reach your fitness goals

Start training with a proven professional, exercise the right way and achieve your fitness goals